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Pigmentation Removal

Advanced Treatment for Pigmentation Removal such as Birthmarks, Patchy Brown Facial Areas, Sun Spots, Liver Spots, Vascular Lesions, Age Spots, Freckles, and Melasma.

De Luz Medical has many different methods to treat your specific pigmentation concerns including the most advanced laser technology, the PiQo4 by Lumenis. This laser uses acoustics and neocollagenisis which is safe on lighter and darker skin types. The PiQo4 laser also stimulates the body’s natural healing and encourages the production of collagen and elastin. This process encourages the tightening and toning of your skin, helps reduces the appearance of fine lines, and helps the appearance of large pores.


Laser Pigmentation Removal Offers:

  • Shorter treatment time and fewer treatments needed
  • Ability to treat most skin types with a reduced risk of increasing pigmentation on darker skin tones
  • Less discomfort in treatment
  • Ability to treat a wide range of skin pigmentation problems quickly and effectively
  • Little or no downtime
  • Skin Rejuvenation

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Melasma Masque $450

This treatment uses high percentages of retinol and hydroquione to help lighten or remove mild to moderate melisma, sun damage and other pigmentation issues. This masque requires daily home care for approximately 8 weeks to achieve ultimate results.

This treatment if often used as a pretreatment to laser pigmentation procedures.

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Pigmentation/Melsma Treatment
Package of 8
Unit Price

Small Area:
Partial Face



Medium Area:
Upper Arms
Lower Arms



Large Area:
Face and Neck
Full Arms
Upper Legs
Lower Legs



Birthmarks and Spot removal price to be determine during your free consultation.