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Laser Pigment Reduction

Portrait of a beautiful senior woman.Seeing Spots!

Skin tone and texture is an important pillar of beauty.  Over the years, the sun damages the epidermis showing up as “sun spots, age spots, solar lentigoes, etc.” giving skin a more aged look. Moles also interrupt skin tone and texture.  Laser pigment reduction can minimize uneven tone and improve the appearance of skin.


Our GentleMax Pro laser works by destroying unwanted pigment in the epidermis.  After the laser treatment, the spots in the epidermis appear darker then shed in about 2 weeks.  Moles can be similarly lightened and “shaved” down with a series of laser skin treatments.


The procedure usually takes about 45 minutes.  We place a topical anesthetic, like lidocaine cream, on the skin prior to the treatment and let it work its magic.  While you wait, you can relax in our peaceful surroundings and enjoy an adult beverage if you like.  As a full service medical office, mild sedation is available.


To minimize or eliminate pigment and moles, you will need 2-3 laser skin treatments in combination with daily home care.  Home care provides nourishment for your skin to promote a healthy epidermis and further diminish pigment.  Get a free consultation with Dr. Zieber to design your treatment plan and never miss those sun spots!


  • Spot (less than 1cm)

    Small Area:

    • Partial Face
    • Hands

    Medium Area:

    • Full Face
    • Neck
    • Chest/Décolletage
    • Shoulders
    • Forearms

    Large Area:

    • Back
    • Full Arms
    • Upper Legs
    • Lower Legs
  • Package of 3

  • $200
















  • Unit Price

  • $80
















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