LED Lightwave 

Lightwave Therapy

Overall healthier skin has more collagen, fewer fine lines, less redness, even pigment, and no blemishes. To help achieve these goals, the LightWave utilizes LEDs (light emitting diodes) to produce specific wavelengths of blue, red and infrared light. These wavelengths of light act like photosynthesis for the skin. On the cellular level, the light improves blood flow, increases energy metabolism, and increases cell turn over, which helps repair damage to the skin. The LightWave can help to heal damage both from life’s daily trials and more serious scarring.

Additionally, the blue light is as effective as topical antibiotics at killing acne causing bacteria on the skin. At De Luz Medical Aesthetics, we use a combination of blue light followed by red light.

The red light reduces inflammation and redness of the skin often associated with acne.

LED - Lightwave Therapy - 30 minutes /$40

Package of 8 Treatments/$285

LED -Lightwave Therapy - Add-on to any Facial  $30

* Results and your patient experience may vary

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