Thinning eyelashes has several causes, the most common is aging.  To restore long, thick and full lashes we recommend Latisse®.  Latisse® is a prescription treatment for hypertrichosis (inadequate, thin or not enough lashes).  Use Latisse® over a 16 week period to get the your luscious Latisse® eyelashes.  Most people will see a dramatic change* in the appearance of their eyelashes.  Some who are new users of Latisse may have mild redness and itching which usually resolves by the end of the first prescription.  If you stop using Latisse® your eyelashes will return to their previous appearance over several weeks to months.

How long before I see results? 

As much as we wish they were, Latisse® growth results are not instant.  Studies have shown, users tend to see an increase in longer thicker lashes as little as four weeks with full results after sixteen weeks use of Latisse®.  In fact, most users report noticing darkness and fullness at week eight. Consistent continuous use of Latisse ® past week eight will result in larger, fuller, thicker, and darker eyelashes.

What happen when you stop using Latisse®? 

If you stop using it, expect your lashes to return to their previous appearance over several weeks to months.  To keep your full growth of dark and long lashes, follow the instructions and daily application is key. 

Will using Latisse® change my eye color?

This is a common misunderstanding of rare side effects of Latisse®. In clinical trials of people using Lumigan (the version of Latisse® used to treat glaucoma) dropped directly into the eye, less than one to two percent of patients experienced side effects that darkened the brown areas around their pupils, making their eyes appear more brownish. Because Latisse® is applied only to the lid, it is extremely unlikely to affect your iris. 

Can I use Latisse® to make my eyebrows grow too?

Hair will grow anywhere that Latisse® is regularly applied, which is why it is important to blot any excess and not let it drip! 

What are the side effects? 

The most common, and reversible, side effects of Latisse® are dry or watery eyes or slight swelling, burning, or itching in the eyelid. One of the less common side effects, some people experience noticeable irritation, darkening or reddening of the skin where the Latisse® treatment is applied, or dry eyes. Very rarely, it is possible for brown areas near the pupil to make the eye appear darker and brownish. It is also not likely to be permanent.

Do I need a prescription? 

YES! Latisse® is only approved by the Food and Drug Administration as a prescription treatment. It may not be safe to use for people with certain eye conditions, for example. Anyone who is selling Latisse® without one is selling the treatment illegally so be wary of using their product on your eyelashes.


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