What is dermal filler and what does it do?

Which Filler is Right for You?

Dermal fillers vary in composition, duration, administration techniques and other factors, so selecting the appropriate filler is very important. The choice of filler depends on the area being treated, their treatment goals, and personal facial anatomy. We offer Juvederm Ultra, Ultra Plus, Volbella, Vollure and Voluma. We recommend booking a consultation to discuss what filler is best for you.

What areas can be treated with dermal fillers?

Will I look natural? 

When fillers are used in the appropriate amount and placed in the right location, the result is a beautiful, natural, youthful outcome. Fillers are not meant to create totally different features. With an experienced, trained injector that has extensive knowledge of facial anatomy (like Dr. Zieber), the outcome simply enhances one’s own facial features.

Does it hurt?

Most experience only mild discomfort. A local anesthetic cream is applied to the skin prior to the treatment for a more comfortable experience. Many of our fillers are also formulated with lidocaine to help minimize discomfort.

How long do fillers last? 

The effects are long lasting but not permanent. They last anywhere from 6 months to 2 years, depending on a number of factors including the patient’s age, area treated, type of filler used, quantity of filler used, and lifestyle.

Are dermal fillers better than Botox?

Fillers are totally different than Botox. Fillers "fill" in the lines and results are seen right away, while Botox relaxes the muscle and results are seen in 7-10 days. Filler is a syringe with 1.0Ml of product, and Botox is injected in the form of units. Botox is most commonly injected in the brow, forehead and crows feet areas, while dermal filler is most commonly injected in the undereye area and lower half of the face.  A lot of times these two are used in conjunction with each other, but they address different areas and concerns. 

Are there any side effects or dangers in doing dermal fillers?

Most side effects from Juvederm are mild and temporary. In most cases, these side effects are resolved within a week or less. The most common side effects include reactions at the injection site and include: Bruising, redness, pain or sensitivity, itching, firmness, swelling, bruising, lumps or bumps, infection. 

What’s filler made of?

The most common fillers are made of a soft gel consisting of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a long thin molecule that naturally occurs in the human body and is one of the components of collagen in the skin. Hyaluronic acid helps hydrate and adds volume to the skin. Dermal fillers consisting of hyaluronic acid include Juvederm®,  Voluma®, Vollure®, and Volbella®.

Voluma™ XC  $850/per syringe

Vollure™ XC $725/per syringe

Juvéderm® Ultra XC  $600/per syringe

Juvéderm® Ultra Plus XC  $600/per syringe

Volbella® XC $725/per syringe


Here are tips on how to avoid bruising when getting injections.

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