Emergency Li-FT

Emergency Li-FT Tattoo Lightening

Emergency Li-FT Removal is a procedure to lift, lighten and potentially remove a poorly done PMU or small body tattoo procedure up to 48 hours after it has been done. Emergency Li-FT Removal can prevent the new PMU or small body tattoo procedure from healing into the skin, which is why the procedure needs to be performed before the healing begins. 

No more waiting 6-8 weeks for your botched brows to heal!!  Get them removed now!! 

This technique is performed without any needles!  No needles or breaking into the skin in any way is used. It is a safe and gentle manner of lifting freshly implanted pigment from the area.

If you had your eyebrows done in the last 48 hours (machine or microblade) or and they were done poorly and you would like to attempt to lift the pigment out, Li-FT and the Emergency Removal technique may be able to help!! 

Emergency Li-FT Pricing

Emergency Li-FT® eyebrow tattoos $250 

 Emergency Li-ft tiny/small tattoos to be determined during consultation

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