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Kybella for double chins


Temecula, say “Goodbye” to double chins! Kybella is the newest means of dissolving double chin or submental fat.*


Kybella, or deoxycholic acid, is a naturally occurring bile salt.  Bile salts are made in our liver and help the intestines digest and absorb fat.  Kybella is a specially formulated deoxycholic acid for injecting into fat.  The deoxycholic acid then destroys the fat cells.  The body’s clean-up process removes the fat and tightens the overlying skin.


After determining whether this treatment is right for you, the area of double chin or submental fat is identified.  A grid is placed on the treatment area just below the chin and an injection of Kybella is made at each spot on the grid.  The entire procedure takes about twenty to thirty minutes.  The area will swell after the procedure indicating a good destruction of fat cells.  Pain or a burning sensation will accompany the procedure and is best relieved with ice packs.  For optimal results, several treatment sessions (2-6 treatments) are usually needed.


Swelling is expected and temporary, with significant swelling lasting only a few days but mild persistent swelling may last a few weeks.  Bruising and changes to the sensation of the skin are also possible.  During clinical trials, two cases of injury to the protective covering of the inferior alveolar nerve had been reported resulting in a temporary weakness to the depressor anguli oris muscle.  Both cases resolved spontaneously.


Kybella          $375/per vial

* Results and your patient experience may vary