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Hand Rejuvenation

Hand Rejuvenation

Don’t act your age?  Don’t feel your age?  Don’t look your age!


Hands give us away with tell tale signs like age spots (liver spots), thin skin, or prominent veins.  As we age, the hands lose padding and the skin looses collagen making veins and tendons more visible.  Adding to the loss of padding, years of sun exposure result in age spots or areas of hyperpigmentation.


At De Luz Medical Aesthetics, we have the tools to combat aging and rejuvenate your hands!


We use dermal fillers like Radiesse to replace the volume lost on the backs of hands. After injecting, Radiesse  is molded along the contours of the hand for a smooth, full, youthful appearance.  Radiesse is opaque, rather than clear like other fillers, hiding veins and tendons. Voilà! Your hands aged backward.


For some clients, replacing volume with Radiesse is enough for hand rejuvenation.  For others who have age spots or thin skin with easy bruising, additional treatment may be needed.  Our SPLENDOR X Laser by Lumenis erases age spots leaving a more uniform skin tone.


Collagen is the key to protecting thin skin. We combine VenusFreeze treatments with LightWave LEDs to increase the collagen in your skin and protect fragile blood vessels.


For beautiful hands, that don’t tell, come talk to us today.

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