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Double Chin Treatment ATX-101

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Double Chin Treatment ATX-101

Double Chin Treatment ATX-101

Exciting news!  New treatment for double chin called ATX-101 is on the horizon.

A Food and Drug Administration advisory committee recommended the approval of ATX-101, an experimental form of deoxycholic acid, for the treatment of submental (double chin) fat.

First, a bit of biology, when red blood cells die, the liver collects their used hemoglobin.  The liver converts the used hemoglobin to bile.  The bile is passed into the intestines where intestinal bacteria change some of the bile into deoxycholic acid.  Deoxycholic acid and the other components of bile help to dissolve and then absorb fat from our diets.

Kythera Biopharmaceuticals has developed a means of producing deoxycholic acid, not derived from animal sources, for injection.  This special formulation of deoxycholic acid is known as ATX-101.

ATX-101 has been tested in over 2600 people with good results in reducing the bulge or double chin between the jaw and the thyroid cartilage (aka voice box).  ATX-101 is administered in a grid pattern with several small injections every centimeter throughout the treatment area.  The treatments are repeated at intervals of at least four weeks for up to six treatments.

Deoxycholic acid has been shown to actually cause the cell membranes of fat cells to break down, called adipocytolysis.  The effect of deoxycholic acid occurs only in protein-poor tissues, like the subcutaneous fat, and is inhibited in protein-rich tissues, like skin, muscle, etc.  After adipocytolysis the body’s clean up and wound healing results in removal of the fat cells and an increased collagen production in the area.  The result is a firmer, better defined jaw line.

At De Luz Medical Aesthetics, we think this would make a great adjunct to our Venus Freeze skin tightening neck treatments; dissolve the fat and tighten the skin.

We’ll keep you posted.

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