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Counterfeit BOTOX

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Counterfeit BOTOX

FDA Warning – Counterfeit BOTOX

Yesterday, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) alerted health care practitioners and the public concerning a counterfeit BOTOX product sold nationwide.  The counterfeit product was sold by an unlicensed supplier.  Unlicensed suppliers avoid FDA inspections and oversight of appropriate manufacturing, packaging, shipping and handling procedures.  The FDA has warned that any suspected counterfeit BOTOX should not be used as the counterfeit product’s efficacy and, especially, safety cannot be verified.


The link to the FDA alert is here:



At De Luz Medical Aesthetics, we purchase all of our BOTOX directly from Allergan.   Allergan ships BOTOX on dry ice overnight via FedEx to keep it cold.  At De Luz Medical Aesthetics, we unpack the vials immediately and transfer them to our medication refrigerator.  These extra steps cost more and make BOTOX injections at De Luz Medical Aesthetics a little more expensive but we like reliable results.  We think you do too.

Thank you for your time and attention,

Robert Zieber, MD

De Luz Medical Aesthetics

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