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Banish Eye Bags

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Banish Eye Bags

Banish Eye Bags with the VMP Eye Treatment

Your eyes get noticed.  The eyes are the feature on the face that we look at first when meeting someone new and the eyes tell your story.  Unfortunately, the story is often one of fine lines, bags and dark circles that make you look older and tired.

No longer.  Now you can banish eye bags, erase fine lines and brighten dark circles.

De Luz Medical Aesthetics has just introduced the VMP, a new way of treating fine lines around the eyes as well as under eye bags (also known as festoons) and discoloration.  The VMP uses our Venus Freeze device in a unique way.  The VenusFreeze uses radio-frequency and magnetic pulses to gently warm the skin and stimulate collagen production.  However, with the radio-frequency turned off or nearly off we can treat the sensitive areas near the eyes.  Magnetic pulses stimulate healing and improve blood and lymph flow. Improved circulation minimizes the appearance of not only fine lines around the eyes but also bags and dark circles under the eyes.  Decreasing the appearance of fine lines will make you look younger while minimizing the appearance of bags and dark circles will make you look fresh and rested.

Our twenty-five minute VMP treatment is painless and has no downtime making it an ideal event day refresher.  The VMP is a great stand alone treatment but it can also be combined with a facial, a Venus Freeze face treatment or our signature Beauty Beyond BOTOX treatment.


Thank you for your time and attention,

Robert Zieber

Medical Director

De Luz Medical Aesthetics

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