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Acne Grading

Acne Grading

Acne Grading

A grading system for acne has been developed in order to better group clients into appropriate treatment regimens.  The grading system is based on the severity of symptoms, the type of lesions and the frequency of outbreaks.  This grading system has four levels.


First, Grade 1 consists of open comedones with minimal or no inflammation.  Grade 1 acne affects only a small area or part of the face.   The Grade 1 outbreaks are not painful, tend to be self-limiting and occur irregularly.


Grade 2 acne has both open and closed comedones as well as a few papulopustular lesions (raised lesions of less than 0.5cm and are filled with pus).  The outbreaks of Grade 2 acne occur regularly and have some mild inflammation and painful pimples.


Grade 3 level acne is more serious because it has a significant risk of permanent scarring.  Grade 3 has large, painful pimples or nodules (raised lesions greater than 0.5 cm) often pus-filled.  The large pimples and nodules have significant inflammation and outbreaks are frequent.


Last, Grade 4 is also called nodulocystic acne.  The infected nodules extend beneath the skin becoming deep infections or cysts.  These outbreaks are persistent or on going and have extensive inflammation.  The cysts from Grade 4 acne can cause permanent skin damage and scarring.


This post was getting a bit lengthy so I have split it up, next week acne treatment plans.


Thank you for your time and attention,

Robert Zieber, MD

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