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Acne: What to Do About You? Part 3: Facials

Acne: What to Do About You? Part 3: Facials


See ‘Acne: What to Do About You? Part 2’ for a discussion about topical therapy for clearer skin.
Just a brief note about facials as an adjunct acne treatment. Facials benefit acne-prone skin in two ways: exfoliation and extraction.

Exfoliation is the removal of the outermost layer of skin. Gentle exfoliation can over time reduce the number of clogged pores. Just as the retinoids increase the cell turnover in the epidermis to rid the skin of irregular cells, exfoliation also removes excess skin cells. Fewer skin cells means fewer plugged hair follicles and sebaceous glands. Without the environment of plugged pores the bacteria, P.acnes, finds it harder to hide and cause trouble.

Extractions are just a mechanical means for removing open and closed comedones. Removing comedones again restricts P.acnes hiding places. With less P.acnes causing trouble then the skin will have less inflammation, or redness, pain and swelling. Both exfoliation and extractions may in the short term cause mild irritation to the skin and make the skin look temporarily worse. Fortunately, this irritation is only temporary and is part of your skin’s healing process.

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