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VMP Eye Treatment

Eye Treatment With VMP

Your eyes get noticed.  The eyes are the feature on the face that we look at first when meeting someone new and the eyes tell your story. Is your story being told with puffiness? Eye bags? Dark circles? No longer. Let your eyes speak of vibrancy.


De Luz Medical Aesthetics has just introduced the VMP tailored eye treatment! VMP is a new way of treating fine lines around the eyes as well as dark eye circles and under eye bags.  Did you know those pesky eye bags are also known as festoons? Well, VMP uses Venus Freeze’s powerful magnetic pulses which diminishes festoons. Magnetic pulses work by stimulating healing with increased blood and lymphatic flow, giving your eyes relief from eye bags, fine lines, and dark eye circles.  Look rested and replenished after our unique VMP treatment.


Our twenty-five minute VMP treatment is painless and has no downtime making it an ideal event day refresher.  Although, VMP is a great stand alone treatment, combine with a facial, a Venus Freeze face treatment, or our signature Beauty Beyond BOTOX treatment to really unleash you natural beauty!

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Single Treatment $55   Package of 6 $275