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Relax & Rejuvenate with a Massage

composure massageTherapeutic

The therapeutic massage is a combination of Swedish strokes and deep tissue trigger point therapy.  This massage targets stressed muscles to unlock tension and relieve pain.  This massage is available as a 60-minute massage or an extended 90-minutes of relaxation and rejuvenation.


Completely relax with a Swedish massage infused with aromatherapy.  Followed by a hot-stone back massage and a peppermint/citrus foot scrub.

Aroma Massage

A series of gentle, soothing strokes enable essential oils to penetrate the body,  causing muscles to relax, soothe nerve endings, increase circulation and relieve stress and tension.  (Customized blends for each client.)

 Hot Stone

Embrace tranquility.  Soothing hot stones gracefully massage over the skin to induce a unique form of relaxation.  The warmth and calming effect of the stones ease sore muscles and improve circulation.

composure massage

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