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Acne Treatment Programs

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Our Acne Treatment Programs attack active acne and acne scarring with high intensity light emitting diodes or LEDs, professional skin care, injections of active lesions, prescription medication, peels, our powerful laser, microneedling, clinical home care products, probiotics, and diet advice backed by the latest science.


The cornerstone for the Acne Treatment Programs is our LED which emits both blue light and red light.  The blue light is particularly harmful to Propionibacterium acnes (also known as P.acnes).  P.acnes is the nasty bacteria typically responsible for turning “regular” whiteheads and blackheads into painful, inflamed cysts or nodules.  The blue light wavelength has been shown to be more effective than the topical antibiotic clindamycin 1 at killing the P.acnes bacteria.  The red light works at the cellular level and is like photosynthesis for your skin.  The red light also reduces inflammation (redness left behind from a breakout) and stimulates healing of acne lesions.


Although, we packaged our most common Acne Treatment Programs as Blemish Busters, everyone is different and your program is designed in consultation with Dr. Zieber and our skin care experts.


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Blemish Busters 101

Our entry level class is for those with few acne breakouts or as a maintenance to prevent problems.  Blemish Busters 101 involves twice weekly blue and red light LED sessions for the first month followed by weekly sessions.  In addition to Lightwave LED acne treatment, Blemish Buster 101 includes monthly facials. No course is complete without homework!  Blemish Blusters 101 homework is an easy peasy daily application of products designed to reduce outbreaks.

Blemish Busters 201

Our first upper level course introduces DermaKinetics®.  DermaKinetics is a patented light-based infusion therapy developed at the University of Texas.  Lightwave LED move the active ingredients of the oil control mask into the skin formulated for acne treatment. Blemish Busters 201 includes monthly facials. Blemish Blusters 201 homework assignment is a quick and easy application of products designed to reduce acne outbreaks.

Blemish Busters 202

Blemish Busters 201 is not a prerequisite for this course.  Blemish Busters 202 has additional red wavelength LED sessions, for its anti-inflammatory, soothing properties, at the end of each DermaKinetics® visit. This program includes monthly facials and is followed at home by a daily application of products designed to reduce acne outbreaks.

Blemish Busters 301

Blemish Busters 301 classes meets once or twice for certain students.  Blemish Busters 301 applies the science of Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT), specifically Levulan (aminolevulinic acid, also called 5-ALA) and blue LED. In class, Levulan is applied to the problem areas and allowed to incubate for two hours.  After the incubation period, the area is bathed in blue LED activating the 5-ALA, killing the P.acnes, and slowing the production of sebum in the sebaceous glands. The class completion means acne blemishes are busted.

Blemish Busters Graduate Program

Our continuing education course is designed for those without active acne but with acne scarring.  The graduate program involves mixed but complementary treatments to reduce the appearance of scarring and promote a more vibrant, healthy skin.

How much does acne treatment cost?

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